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Bungallow Beach Hotel's play area
Colin & Cameron by the see saw
...on the horse
Bungallow Beach Hotel grounds - the view from the patio
Cameron & Colin
Palm Trees on the walk south from Kotu Stream towards...
A close up of Colin in the pushchair on the walk!
Jude and Cameron peaking out from behind the pushchair
A Palm Wine tapper checking on his tree.
The tapper at work
The tapper had been cutting of some new branches and...
A careful balancing act up high
Termite mound
Can you spot the birds?
Here's one! Tiny little birds (Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu)...
Still asleep at the end of the walk.
Alex relaxing in the bar
Ground nut sellers across the road. Set up stall each...
Cameron on the beach with his sandcastle. This is just...
Cameron and Colin on the beach.
Looking back towards the hotel.
Where's my hat gone? (It was really windy).
Alex - taking it easy.
Cameron at Sailor's for dinner.
Alex at Sailor's (with a beer).
Colin tucking into bread and playing with the flowers on...
Colin and Cameron hard at work generating masterpieces.
Bakau back street, just south of the market.
Look who went to school! Small government school in Bakau.
Chalk and talk learning.
Colin was concentrating hard.
Colin and a little boy exchanging glances.
....Now should that be "JCB"?
Alex and the boys in the Botanical Garden's in Bakau....
Colin with his natural rattle.
A hot Colin enjoying a snack at Jo Jo's after lunch.
Cameron enjoying a plate of Domoda (before he ate the...
On a walk from Koto towards Fajara.
Serekendu - see the resemblance?
Serekendu Sukuta Road
Alex, Cameron and Colin on a side street in Serekendu
Abuku Nature Reserve map - We walked through from the...
Cameron and Colin in the forest.
Red Colobus Monkey
I spy ...
... with my little eye....
Lots of Red Colobus monkeys!
A bird
More red colobus monkeys - these ones leapt between two...
..shall I jump?
A green (Vervet) Monkey walking along our path
stopping to look around...
...then walking on again.
Sitting in the tree
I see you...
The vervet monkey's have very long tails
Colin relaxing on the outward walk through the nature...
Vervet monkey
Still asleep - spot the monkey in the background. Not shy.
Cameron gets close to a monkey
...then closer still.
Unusual plant
same plant again.
Watch out for low branches over the track.
Jude and Alex
...and our dusty feet!
Cameron's feet
Cameron and Jude, relaxing near the Animal Orphanage.
Cameron and Jude
Colin wakes up (and is a little hot), so borrows Alex's hat.
Orange seller in Serekendu market
Well earned lunch. Colin loved the rice.
Cameron and his plate of beef stew.
Yeah - we made it back
On the patio.
Dusty feet
Quite clean feet...
Off to play in the cool of the evening.
My bucket as a hat
doesn't it fit well?
Bijilo Forest Park Map. Four colour coded trails to...
Colin and Cameron entering Bijilo Forest Park (just south...
Yikes - monkeys getting really close
Pick me up now, there's one walking past us.
Vervet monkey's grooming.
A big monkey making faces
Look at all the branches fallen at the base of the Palm...
Red-billed hornbill.
Red-billed hornbill.
Vervet monkey eating
Peeling away the outer leaves
To tuck into the nut
Vervet monkey in the tree
Termite mound in Bijilo forest park
Colin thinking seriously about something....
Colin and Cameron sitting on the trunk of a fallen Baobab...
Colin and Cameron
Mother and baby Vervet monkey
Mother and baby Vervet monkey
Buying fruit from the fruit sellers at Kotu Junction.
Colin gets a cuddle
A cricket which had decided our chair was its home.
Colin and Alex playing with shells from the beach.
How many can I find?
This counting is hard work Dad
I think I've hurt my toe says Colin
Can I drum it please? (Inside the Museum at Katchikaly...
Alex, Cameron and Colin walking through the gardens at...
This tree is BIG.
Its even taller than Dad.
Colin and Cameron in the tree
Cameron meeting a crocodile....
....and shaking hands with it!
Crocodile's lie with their mouth's open to keep cool (in...
Alex and Colin get close and say hello too.
...but Colin wasn't too happy when it decided to move!...
Jude gets brave too..
... and shakes its paw too. Have to say I felt nervous.
Enjoying some dappled sun.
The green is miniture lilies from the pond.
Cameron on the bank of the crocodile pool in Bakau.
There were lots and lots of crocodiles, of all sizes.
These ones were quite small.
This one quite big.
With really sharp teeth.
And this one decided it didn't want its photo taken.
Enjoying the sunshine.
Almost asleep.
These ones hadn't been in the pool, and were lazing...
The pool itself had lots both in it and on the banks.
This one was off for a swim.
Cameron decided to touch one which had the green on it.
It felt a bit more slimy this time.
All of us with the crocodiles
Bakau street - now I really must strim my grass!
Cameron in the street.
Jude and Colin in the garden.
Colin sitting on "his seat" - getting ready to head off...
Serekendu and a typical busy street.
Cameron and Colin at the side of the road on the way back...
Cameron and Colin again in Serekendu
A well earned ice-cream after the trip to market.
Market shopping for ingredients to make Domoda
Chilli, groundnut paste and a beer to wash it down.

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